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Universities Austria and the Association of Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences (FHK) jointly represent all 22 public Austrian universities and the 21 universities of applied sciences in the Univesities for Enlightenment initiative.

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the Czech Republic

The Czech Rectors Conference is a representative body of Czech higher education institutions consisting of these institutions representatives. Currently it has 46 members, rectors of all public, all state and almost half of private higher education institutions.



The Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI) has over time acquired an acknowledged institutional and representative role, as well as a practical capacity to influence the development of the university system through its intense activity of study and experimentation. It currently has 82 members.



The Conference of the University of Serbia was established in order to coordinate work, establish common policies, achieve common interests and performing duties determined by law. Members of the University Conference are all 17 accredited universities from the private and state sector.



The Slovenian Rectors' Conference is a body entitled to represent universities and to protect their interests. It may deliver an opinion on any issue with relevance to the operation of the higher education system and make proposals for decision-makers or those in charge of preparing decisions. It has 4 member universities.




The Rector's Conference consists of 8 full members, rectors of all public universities, and 4 additional members. It decides on matters of common interest for the operation and development of universities in the Republic of Croatia.



The German Rectors' Conference (HRK) is the association of public and government-recognised universities in Germany. The HRK currently has 268 member institutions, in which around 94 per cent of all students in Germany are enrolled.



The Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (CRASP) was formed by Polish institutions of higher education which had the right to award the doctor's degree (or equivalent) in at least one scientific discipline. Currently, CRASP has 108 member institutions.



The aim of the Slovak Rectors' Conference (SRC) is to coordinate and promote rectors’ activities at Slovak universities in order to create a common higher education policy. It is comprised of 31 members including public, state and private higher education institutions.



swissuniversities works to strengthen and enhance collaboration among Swiss institutions of higher education and promotes a common voice on educational and research issues. Furthermore, swissuniversities acts as the national rectors' conference for the 35 universities, universities of applied science and arts and universities of teacher education in Switzerland.